Finding the Right Size

The model is wearing the 8mm 14g option, but the right size for you depends on your anatomy and on how your piercing was placed. 

The easiest way is to take a piercing you are already wearing and where you know the size. Simply order the same size. In case you don’t know the metric size of your piercing, you can use the following table:


Shaft length Thickness
6mm    ≈ 1/4"    1.2mm = 16g
8mm    ≈ 5/16" (Standard)    1.6mm = 14g (Standard)
10mm ≈ 3/8" 0.9mm = 19g/20g
12mm ≈ 7/16"


If you don’t know the size of the piercing you already own, you can measure it yourself, ideally with a vernier caliper. The shaft length equals the distance between the base of the two gems (balls).


If you don’t have a piercing that fits you well, you can stand up and measure the distance between the hole of your piercing and the upper rim of your belly button in millimeters (mm). If the distance is 7.5mm, for example, then go with the 8mm option.

As for the thickness, the standard size for belly rings is 14 gauge (14g), which equals around 1.5mm, or 1/16 inch. If you haven’t been wearing jewelry in your piercing for some time, or the jewelry you are currently wearing appears to be thinner than 14g, then go with 16g. 16g is slightly thinner than 14g (16g is about 1.2mm).                        

In our experience, customers that want to return their piece want to do so because they chose jewelry that is too small. So, in case you did your measurements but are still unsure between two sizes, we suggest you pick the piece with the longer shaft.

If you still have doubts or you don’t have a ruler with a millimeter scale, you can always send us a picture to of your piercing with a ruler next to it.

In case you can't find your size on our website because it has sold out or isn't listed, please contact us, we can make you a custom piece at no additional cost. 

We are more than happy to help you.