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Solid 925 Silver | 16G 5mm Double Ball Straight Barbell Nipple Ring | 12mm 1/2" 14mm 9/16" 10mm 25/64 ″

Solid 925 Silver | 16G 5mm Double Ball Straight Barbell Nipple Ring | 12mm 1/2" 14mm 9/16" 10mm 25/64 ″

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Classic ball combination nipple ring in 100% hypoallergenic nickel-free 925 STERLING SILVER. The opposing threads structure makes it comfortable and safe to wear. Available as pair or single and in various lengths. Don't wear this as a tongue ring or anywhere else it can come in contact with food or beverages.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Thickness: 1.2mm (16G, 3/64")
Ball size: 5mm (3/16")

Available in:
Shaft length: 12mm (1/2")
Shaft length: 14mm (9/16")
Shaft length: 16mm (5/8")

We sterilize all body jewelry with a certified autoclave before sealing.

••• Why Silver •••
Our jewelry is entirely made of 925 Sterling Silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper alloy). For centuries silver has been used in different forms to prevent infections. Recent scientific studies confirm that silver has antiseptic properties. Body jewelry made of silver can eliminate irritation and lower the risk of infection by reducing bacteria right at the source. Since Sterling Silver is nickel-free, most people will find that sterling silver is more comfortable to wear than other metals.

••• Packaging •••
To protect the environment, we avoid plastic where we can by using cardboard boxes and kraft tape. Your order comes in a retro-style tin box containing instructions, a polishing cloth made of 100% cotton and your jewelry sealed in a clear pouch. All body jewelry is sterilized with a certified autoclave.

••• Care Guide •••
Jewelry that has no gold or rose-gold plating comes with a fine rhodium finish. In this way, the silver keeps its hypoallergenic properties but stays shiny at the same time. Still, body jewelry made of silver requires some attention: better avoid chemicals (such as disinfectants other than alcohol), saline solution, pool- or seawater and hot springs; check from time to time that the jewelry is still screwed on tightly; if you notice that your jewelry is changing color, give it a polish with the special cloth included in your order.

••• Shipping & Returns •••
All orders ship within 1 business day and come with a tracking number.
US orders ship from our California warehouse and arrive within 5 working days.
All other orders, including orders from Canada, ship from our China/Hong Kong warehouse. Shipping time depends on the final destination; most orders arrive within 3 weeks.
You may return unworn jewelry (still in its sealed transparent bag) within 30 days of receiving it at your own expense. For more information, please read our Return Policy.

••• After-sale support •••
We will do (almost) anything to make you happy: please contact us if you have questions about shipping, sizing, or if you are not satisfied with the product or service. We will find a solution that works for you.

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